Our Mission

Brainy Pup's mission is to enrich dogs' lives, promoting their long term mental wellness.

Along with top experts in the field, we believe that mental enrichment benefits dogs of all ages, sizes, and personalities. That is why we have created the world's first dog enrichment subscription for every home. We are committed to satisfying each dog's individual needs, from encouraging constructive outlets for puppy energy, to proactively preserving senior dog cognitive health.

Brainy Pup is inspired by dog pawrents who are tired of owning too many toys, and yet having nothing that keeps their dogs stimulated and entertained. With our subscriptions, the world's best enrichment toys are at your fingertips (and paws!)

Why We Are Different


Not all toys are created equal. Brainy Pup handpicks only the most mentally enriching toys made with non-toxic materials, keeping your dog safe and engaged.


New toys are only exciting for so long. With Brainy Pup, toys are swapped every month to keep your dog active and excited without taking up precious space in your home.



Plastic and wooden toys are practically impossible to recycle. With Brainy Pup, you reduce your carbon footprint by maximizing each toy's impact throughout its useful life.


When you purchase an annual pass, we sponsor a shelter dog in your and your pup's name. The donation goes towards the cost of their shelter and care until they find a forever home.


The Expert Pawnel

We know that you are the expert on your pup. Brainy Pup brings academics, canine behavior experts, and veterinarians together to create our holistic approach that is simple, accessible, and effective for your pup.


Dr. Lisa J. Wallis is a post-doctoral researcher working on dog behaviour, cognition and welfare.

Currently, Lisa is working with the ERC funded Senior Family Dog Project, a multidisciplinary research group focusing on cognitive ageing in dogs.

Prior to Senior Family Dog Project, Lisa has worked as the wolf Curator at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Beenham, research assistant at Kalahari Meerkat Project in South Africa (with Zurich University) and research assistant and post-doctoral researcher at the Clever Dog Lab at the Messerli Research Institute on a project testing a dietary intervention to slow down cognitive decline in dogs.

Lisa graduated with honours from Anglia Ruskin University with a degree in Animal Behaviour Conservation and Ecology, completed her Masters in Animal Behaviour at Manchester Metropolitan University, and received her PhD in Cognitive Biology on one her favourite animals, the dog, at the University of Vienna.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys hiking in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park with her two huskies, Talie and Luna, and partner Steve.

Find out the online impact of Lisa's research on Impactstory. You may also follow Lisa on ResearchGate, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Founder

Brainy Pup was founded by Kelly (person), inspired by her good boy Lion (dog), a golden retriever/labrador/collie supermutt adopted from ASPCA. As a first time dog pawrent, Kelly read every piece of dog health and training literature she could get her hands on. By far the most fascinating discovery, is how smart dogs are, and how critical mental stimulation is for their long term mental wellbeing.

However, as a busy working professional, she struggled to keep up with Lion's curiosity and appetite for new mental challenges, so she set out to create Brainy Pup - the enrichment subscription for every dog. She is especially pleased to offer this affordable and convenient enrichment option for all urban pups out there, that doesn't involve herding sheep or training for agility competitions!

Kelly and Lion frequently hit the road together, you can read more about their adventures over at their blog Good Boy Ruff Life.