How does Brainy Pup work? 

  • Brainy Pup is the enrichment rental subscription that every dog needs. We deliver the world's best dog enrichment toys to your home, which are returned and swapped for new toys at the end of the month. Here is a quick summary of how to get started, click here for a detailed guide with screenshots:
  • - Get a Brainy Pup pass (choose from Monthly Pass, Season Pass, or Annual Pass). Once you have purchased a pass, your account will be loaded with toy credits
  • - Redeem toy credits for toys from our Toy Box

- Receive sanitized toys in the mail, and have fun!
- Return toys easily with pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping labels
- Repeat!

How much does Brainy Pup Cost?

We have three different prices, made to fit your needs:

- Monthly Pass is $39/month, valid for one month, disbursing 3 toy credits to your account each month. This pass is renewed automatically at the end of each month.

- Season Pass is $39/month, valid for three month, disbursing 10 toy credits (9+1 bonus) to your account every three months. You are billed $117 every 3 months, and this pass is renewed automatically. With the Season Pass, you receive 1 bonus toy credit, which you may use to get an extra toy or upgrade to a bigger toy!

- Annual Pass is $35/month (best value!), valid for one year, disbursing 42 (36+6 bonus) toy credits to your account every year. You are billed $420 every year, and this pass is renewed automatically until you cancel. With the Annual Pass, you receive a whooping 6 bonus toy credits, which you may use to get more toys or upgrade to bigger toy!

Email us at support@brainypup.com if you'd like to try us out for free!

Are your toys clean?

Absolutely! Before each toy is sent out, they undergo a 3 step toy sanitation process to get rid of >99% of the most common pathogens:

1. High heat treatment, when safe to do so without impacting toy integrity

2. Veterinary grade disinfectant, non-toxic solution used at vet clinics and animal care facilities to kill a broad spectrum of pathogens, including viruses such as parvovirus, bacteria and fungus.

3. Human grade toy disinfectant, non-toxic solution used at day cares to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus such as cold, flu, strep, and RSV, E.Coli, Salmonella.

You may have noticed that almost all our rental toys are made with non-porous materials. That is intentional, to make sure every single one of our toys is fully cleanable. Toys made with porous material are likely for you to keep, labeled with "For you to keep".

We are happy to share any other details about our cleaning process, email us at support@brainypup.com with any questions.

How do I cancel my pass renewal? Can I pause my pass? 

You may cancel your pass anytime before the next billing date without penalty by emailing us at support@brainypup.com. Once a payment is successfully submitted, it may not be cancelled or refunded. Upon cancellation, you must return any rented toys within 10 days. If the toys are not returned within 10 days, you will be charged the market price of them.

You may pause your pass for up to 4 weeks in a year without penalty by emailing us at support@brainypup.com , and providing the start and end dates of the pause period.

Can I purchase a pass for someone else as a gift? 

What a thoughtful friend you are (and thoughtful gift, may we add!). Just email us at support@brainypup.com and we'll be happy to issue a gift card for the lucky pup :)


What are toy credits and how do they work?

    • Toy credits are earned when you purchase a Brainy Pup pass, and again each billing cycle:
  • - Monthly Pass: 3 credits every month
  • - Season Pass: 9 credits + 1 bonus credit every 3 months
  • - Annual Pass: 36 credits + 6 bonus credits every 12 moths
  • Toy credits are redeemed for toys every month. Toys range from one credit to three credits, and you use your credit balance to select the toys that will be shipped to you that month. The more credits you have, the larger the toys you can rent.
    • Toy credits roll over month to month, as long as you are an active subscriber. Toy credits are lost when you cancel your Brainy Pup account, so make sure all your credits are used up before cancelling. Toy credits can only be used to rent Brainy Pup toys, do not have cash value, cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash.

How do I find out how many credits I have left? 

How will I know when it's time to select new toys? 

You will receive an email from us when it is time to select new toys for the following month.

You will be notified about 1.5 weeks before your current order is due to be returned, and you will have 3 business days to select next month's toys.

What does "Yours to keep" mean? 

For sanitary reasons, any toy that we cannot safely sanitize is yours to keep (we are serious about toy cleanliness!). As such, they will be labeled "Yours to keep" in the online Toy Box, and also on the product when you receive it.

We sometimes offer treats, and those are also yours to keep!


When will my order arrive? 

We ship out your new order as soon as the last order has been received and label scanned by USPS, our delivery times are typically 2-5 business days depending on your location.

What if my dog accidentally damages the toys?

Normal wear is never penalized, toys were made to be played with after all! But if the toys have become damaged beyond repair, then we will unfortunately need to charge to have the toy replaced. We assess the toy's integrity after each order has been returned, and retire them when appropriate.

All our toys are meant for supervised play, and we highly recommend supervision both for your dog's safety as well as for the toy's integrity.

How do I handle a return?

    • To keep our commitment to the environment, we ask that you reuse the shipping box for your returns.
    • When opening your delivery, please only cut the tape and not the box. When packing your return, please make sure that the box is not damaged and that it is taped back securely, and use the return shipping label to cover the old shipping label.
    • If the box is damaged when you receive the order, please let us know within 5 days of receiving the order, and we will have a new box delivered to you in time for your return.

My order arrived damaged!