Dog Brick - Puzzle
Dog Brick - Puzzle

Dog Brick - Puzzle

Nina Ottosson
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Complete with 3 different treat feeding features, the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick is made with easy open-close flip compartments to hide treats in, and comes with separate, removable bone puzzle pieces that offer an even more interesting challenge to seeking and eating treats! Your dog can easily slide and move each flip compartment to reveal even more hidden treats.

Brand: Nina Ottosson

Additional details:

  • Graded level 2 challenge (on a Nina Ottosson 1-3 scale of difficulty)
  • Lids and covers can be easily removed / added to decrease / increase level of difficulty

Product specs:

  • 12.75" W x 9.25" L x 2" H
  • Hand wash with soap and water, rise and dry